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Company Overview

Company Overview

We believe golf is for everyone.

TruGolf has been creating indoor golf software for 40 years. We began as a subsidiary of Access Software in 1982, co-founded by TruGolf’s CEO Christopher Jones, that was purchased by Microsoft Corp in 1999. While there, the core programming and graphics team that created one of the bestselling PC sports games of 1999 (Links LS 1999) were spun out to become TruGolf. Today, we are among the leading golf simulator manufacturers and distributors of golf simulator equipment, including software and hardware. TruGolf has been passionate about driving the golf industry with innovative, indoor golf solutions. We build products that capture the spirit of golf and aim to define and redefine what is possible with golf technology. Our mission is to help grow the game by making it more available, more approachable and more affordable through technology – because we believe golf is for everyone.

Our team has built award-winning video games (LINKS), innovative hardware solutions, and now an all-new eSports platform to connect golfers around the world with E6 CONNECT.

Since our beginning, we have continued to define and redefine what is possible with virtual golf. In fact, we were the first to develop a 3D simulation engine. When you choose TruGolf, you are choosing software built on decades of experience, dozens of awards, and the most dedicated and highly respected team of developers and golf professionals




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